Samantha is a Character in Between. She is a resident of Pretty Lake and is the older sister of Harrison.

Samantha hears about Chucks plan to escape and convinces him to take her along too. The two, plus Harrison and McCalister, attempt to escape from Pretty Lake in the episode Get Out of Town. Samantha is the driver.


Killed byEdit

  • Government Forces

While trying to escape Pretty Lake with Chuck, Harrison and McCalister, she is shot in the head from a sniper in a Government van and instantly killed


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Relationships Edit

Harrison Edit

Samantha is Harrison's older sister and acting guardian after the Virus killed their parents. Their relationship is very loving and they both look out for eachother. Samantha saved him when he went into an insulin shock. Samanthas death breaks Harrison.

Chuck Lott Jr. Edit

Samantha and Chuck start a relationship after Chuck apologizes for almost killing Harrison in the episode *TBA*. Their relationship ends with her death in Us vs. Them