Renee Tofoli is a Character featured in Season 2 of Between


Not that much is known about her, except that her father was the leader of a survivalist group, named The Hoard. Her family, along with many others, lived off the grid on the outskirts of Pretty Lake. When the virus took the lives of all the adults, Renee took on her Fathers role as leader of The Hoard.

Season 2Edit

Her brother, Eric, dies accidentally in an altercation with Mark, unbeknownst to her, and she goes into town looking for him. This is where she meets Ronnie, standing above Pat’s grave. She steals from him, then returns, asking him for help looking for her missing brother. Ronnie finds him with the Menonites, already dead, and brings the body back to her house. He joins the survivalists, that she is in charge of, engaging in a romantic relationship until he discovers her secret. She goes looking for Franny after seeing footage of her wearing Eric’s backpack. As she tries to take Franny, Gord fights her off, and she shoots him twice in the stomach and takes off. Back at the camp, she was caught hoarding food in metal storage container by Ronnie. Ronnie locked her in it and let another guy from the community know about it. Wiley and Liam showed up to the survivalist camp to give Renee the cure since it was her Birthday. She only had a couple more hours to live, and they needed to prove that she would live past 22 with the cure. Before they agree to give her the cure, Ronnie brings Renee in front of the survivalists to admit to her crime of hoarding food and hiding it from the others, forcing her to leave the community. Meanwhile, Franny and Harrison are coming to seek revenge for Renee killing Gord. Mark fires shots to scare the kids off and Renee escapes with Liam and Wiley. Liam administers the cure and they wait to see if she survives. Franny, Tracey, and Harrison show up at the clinic where they all get the cure. Franny pays her respects to Gord who was laying on a gurney in the hallway. Renee walks up and Franny pulls a gun on her, telling her she deserves to die. They fight, and Franny shoots Renee in the stomach. Wiley finds her, helps her up, and moves her, she is still conscious, but has lost quite a bit of blood. The cure heals her wound in the same way it healed Wiley’s tumor.


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  • She is the first character over 21 to survive the virus