Mark is a character in the thriller show, Between.


Not much is known about his past life before the virus outbreak. Mark was most likely raised in or near Pretty Lake and was admitted in prison for murdering his father. We do know that he hadn't been in prison long at the beginning of Season One.


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Story and CharacterEdit

Mark is shown to be in prison as a prisoner at the beginning of Season 1. It is later revealed that when trying to convince Ellen Denshaw, a fellow prison guard, to release him, he murdered his own father to protect his mother from his violent abuses. He doesn't give off a first impression as a nice character.

After escaping he works in the bar to milk the situation for money. Which adds to him as not a particularly nice person. However, as the season progresses it comes clear he is not all a bad cookie.

Mark is involved in the death of Eric accidentally. Eric steals from Mark and Mark asks for his food back. The child attacks his leg and then later goes to attack him again. This time Eric misses and falls onto the knife. Mark, presumably thinking people will say he murdered the child, panics and covers up the death.

After that Eric's sister finds out he has been murdered and wants to hunt down the culprit. Renee falsely accuses a child. Later, children discover cctv that puts Mark in the blame. They go to the bar to find him. They discover him locked up by his kind of girl friend who is trying to protect him. Once the cctv is seen Mark looks to blame as they don't know the true story.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Unnamed Father

Accidental Involvement in DeathEdit

  • Eric Tofoli was not killed by Mark. Eric Tofoli was attacking Mark and successfully stabbed him in the leg after stealing from him. However, Mark dodged him when Eric went in for another stab, Mark moved out of the way and Eric went forward into a car and stabbed himself.