Clarence Jones is a Character in Between


Not that much is known about his life before the outbreak, except that he was involved with Art Carey creating the virus.


Clarence is seen as being manipulative and a liar. He fakes his own death by mixing up fake bile and blood to spill out his mouth to try and get Adam Jones out of the town when soldiers are sent to kill the residents. He shows up at just the “right” time to try and stop Adam from locking down the prison. He was apart of the team who created the virus. His own dna was put into the serum which is why Adam is the only one immune. He states they made the virus to stop overpopulation and it kills based off the biological clock in the injected bodies when they turn 22.


Season 1Edit


Killed byEdit

While trying to get Adam to leave the town and let special forces kill the residents of Pretty Lake, Adam shoots him once in the chest, killing him